Research at Armstrong GroupArmstrong Group’s nationally-renowned market research division utilizes cutting-edge technology and resources to provide insightful looks into new economic, business and real estate trends. The division’s market reports and annual REAL ESTATE OUTLOOK are sought after by investors, developers, and financial and academic institutions from around the country who want accurate and up-to-date information on Arizona’s real estate markets.

Other Features & Benefits

  • Comprehensive, up-to-date resource library
    Access to the latest business, economic and demographic trends
  • Proprietary databases on all building inventories
    Customized reports to specific client needs/requirements
  • Best available sources of external data
    Ready and “free” access to costly external reports
  • In-house forecast models for supply-demand
    Meaningful foresight into future real estate cycles
  • Sophisticated in-house geographic mapping systems
    Accurate spatial analysis of site opportunities for relocation/investment

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