Armstrong Group LLC, Multimodal Services Group is dedicated to delivering focused solutions to the increased challenges of today’s global shipping and transportation community. The Group is made up of a team of professionals located in key port cities and transportation hubs throughout the U.S. and abroad. Supporting the group, our team of specialists will work in partnership with a host of engineers, consultants, designers, and other industry experts to deliver a coordinated effort, with a single point of contact for full accountability and efficiency.

It is the mission of the DPR Armstrong Group and Multimodal Services Group to set the standards for delivering our clients the most appropriate resources and service of the highest degree.

General Services

  • Strategic Planning
  • Site Identification: Land, Warehouse Facilities, Build to suit site, Office Space, Terminal and parking sites
  • Barriers of Entry: Environmental, Labor, Community
  • Economic Incentives
  • Acquisition Negotiation and Representation
  • Entitlements: Zoning Review, Permitting, Scheduling
  • Engineer & Consultant Coordination: Civil, Environmental, Design Engineering, Construction Bid Review, Insurance, etc.
  • Real Property Disposition: Sales, Leasing, Subleasing, creative exit strategies.
  • Structured Finance, financing vehicles and risk management.

Focused Services

  • Logistical Analysis: drayage cost comparison, drive time analysis (trip studies), site utilization and capacity studies, and more.
  • U.S. Customs Bonding: Guidelines, Real Estate Implications (site and/or building requirements), Application, Processing and Protocol.
  • Forign Trade Zone (FTZ): FTZ Site and/or Building Identification, Economic Benefit Analysis, Procurement of FTZ Designation, ect.
  • Homeland Security: Homeland Security Analysis, C-TPAT Certification, Building Inspection and Review, etc.
  • Importer Compliance
  • Overflow and Peak Season Storage (offsite)
  • Coordination and Oversight of Consultants and Engineers

For more information on the Multimodal Services Group, please contact Scott Armstrong at (602) 980-8260 or

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